S8P1: Episode I

Episode I

This is the story of the people of the town of Twin Bayous, Louisimana. The starting population is 76 residents in 14 household (See Twin Bayous v.4 for a brief history of the town. See also Introduction).
Let’s take a trip around the town and introduce some of the key families in Twin Bayous.

The Dutranoit family lives at 8 Cedar Lane. David works for Doo Peas Corp and Patty is a stay at home mom. L-R: Patrick, Patty, David, Greg, Mike & Amai

The Ringwald family lives at 200 Napoleon Lane next door to the Dutranoits. John works for the studio and Celia works for Doo Peas Corp. L-R: Ulysses, Veronica, Waldo, John, Celia & Xena

The Anderson family lives at 300 Oak Road. L-R: Angela, Emily, Wayne, Amanda, & Kenny

The Clemens family lives at 101 W. Bayou Road. Mark is a writer and Julia is a chef. L-R: Albert, Dorothy, Julia, Mark, Beatrice, & Charles

The Gentile family lives on 501 Magnolia Avenue. Both Vicky and Gregg work at the hospital. L-R: Chadrick, Vicky, Donna, Gregg, & Donnie

The Gilliland family lives at 601 Oak Road. Austin works for the police department and Valencia is a fortune teller. L-R: Ernest, Katherine, Austin, Valencia, and Trudy

The Goombah family lives at 100 Josephine Lane. Victor is a bagman for the mafia and Marie works for Doo Peas Corp. L-R: Victor, Marie, Anthony, Bubbles, Yada, & Zelda.

The LeFey family lives at 102 Tobacco Road. Anton is a Vampire and Morgan is a witch. L-R Morgan, Anton, Samuel, Raquel, Tabitha & Quentin.

The Monday family lives at 107 Tobacco Road. Joe is a cop (he carries a badge) and Victoria works at city hall. L-R: Joe, Victoria, Nancy, Mark, Paula & Oakley.

The Oldham family lives at 401 Oak Road. Victor works for the studio and Carol is a stay-at-home mom.  L-R: Victor, Carol, Lisa, Brenda, & Billy.

The Poindexter family lives at 800 Oak Road. Penny works for the hospital and Arnold works at the science lab. L-R: Edward, Penny, Frances, Arnold, Harmony, & George

The Stoney family lives at 200 Josephine Lane. Knute is a sports coach and Peggy Sue is a musician. L-R: Linda, Janet, Knute, Peggy Sue, Iglesias, & Kenneth.

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