S8P1: Episode II

Episode II

Our story begins in the summer of 1969 AS (Anno Simulacra).

On a late summer evening Mike Dutranoit learned to drive the sloppy jalopy his parents had bought for him for his 14th birthday. During the lesson, Mike kept grinding the gears and his father, who had the brooding trait, got mad at him and told him he should take driving lessons at the high school.

Mike quickly learned to drive at the school. The first thing that he did after learning to drive was to take the car out for a drive to the Fun Planet Arcade, where he had a burger and then played some pool with Edward Poindexter.

Later when Edward saw Mike’s car, the boy laughed at the sloppy jalopy and said: “Your car is as ugly as Raquel Le Fey.”
Mike did not laugh and he pretended to not know to whom Edward was referring.
“You know! That weird Goth chick at school!” Edward coaxed him.

“Yeah okay, I know who you’re talking about,” Mike confessed and then he added, “I don’t think that she is ugly… different maybe, but not ugly.”

That night at home, Mike heard a noise outside. Going out he discovered the creepy Anton LeFey hanging around outside. Mike knew Mr. LeFey as Raquel LeFey’s father. As awkward as it seemed Mike invited Mr. LeFey inside the house where the man began chatting with Mike about the weather and whatnot. Finally Mr. LeFey came to point and said that he had come to thank for Mike for defending his daughter. Mike did not think that anyone had heard Edward’s comment about Raquel.

Mr. LeFey told Mike that he does not treat well those who insult him and his family and that he would deal with Edward later. For Mike, he said that he had a small gift to give him, a chance to peer behind the veil of mysteries, he called it. The man handed a Mike a key and told him that the key unlocked a gate on the east side of the library. He told him to go through the gate and follow the stairs down to the very bottom. “There you will begin your quest for knowledge,” he told Mike.


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