S8P1: Episode III

Episode III

The next morning Mike went to school and he attempted to speak with Raquel and ask her about her father, but instead he got into trouble for talking in class and was made to stay after school and clean out the boiler room.

Following detention, Mike went to the bookstore downtown where he had a part-time job from 4 to 7 PM weekdays.

Every afternoon, looking out the window of the bookstore, Mike would see the same group of people who hung around outside the bookstore talking, arguing and carrying on.

He wondered how he might fit in with these people and one evening he tried to join in the conversation that Carol Oldham and Sasha Delgado were having outside the bookstore. They seem to be bored by his presence. Mike wondered what it would take to make people think that he was interesting.

When Mike’s parents took a two day vacation, Mike thought that it would be a great opportunity to throw a keg party and invite everyone from high school.

At the party, Mike met Lisa Oldham.

Even Raquel LeFey attended the party. She and Mike danced together.

Then the party got really crazy. Trudy Gilliland was seen running around outside in her underwear.

The neighbor’s called the police and when Mike’s parents came home early, he got into trouble along with getting sick.

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