S8P1: Episode IV

Episode IV

Mike was not doing well in high school. He hated it and thought why he should even bother going. He would often skip school and go and hang-out at the Sim Burger on Eastern Avenue…

…or he would drive out to Western Beach and go surfing.

Every day after work Mike would try to fit in with the interesting people who hung out in front of the Vault of Antiquity next door to the book store.

Mike finally got up the courage to ask out one of the girls that he met at his party. Mike went on a date with Lisa Oldham. He took her out to the nicest restaurant in town, the Bistro.

After dinner the couple walked behind the restaurant and there Mike kissed Lisa when she asked him to go steady with her. While the pair were kissing, from almost out of nowhere, two guys approached Lisa and started accusing her of cheating on each of them. The boys were Quentin LeFey and Mark Monday.

Wanting a girlfriend for the first time Mike easily accepted her proposal, but he was starting to have his doubts when the following night he saw Lisa talking with Mark Monday in front of the bookstore. Mike began to think that maybe Lisa had commitment issues.

One thought on “S8P1: Episode IV

  1. Gahhh, the old commitment issues “perk.” Don’t you love it when you find that out about townies you’re dating? Of course, Lisa might be one of your pre-mades so perhaps you weren’t so surprised 😉


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