S8P1: Episode V

Episode V

Mike’s dad owned a very expensive car worth $60K and when Mike’s mother, Patty, won $50K in the lottery, his father sold the car and the family now had enough money to buy a beautiful home in a much nicer section of town. This is when the family moved to 301 Magnolia Street, a house on the gulf.

Across the street from their new home lived the Ringwald family.

Mike had been friends with their daughter Ronnie since the two of them were children. Her real name was Veronica, but Mike had always known her as Ronnie. Soon after moving into the new house Mike asked Ronnie to go surfing with him. What started out as a friendly outing soon turned into a date.

The very next time Mike saw Lisa she was acting a little funny. They had gone out to the movies and when they went back to his house afterwards Lisa exploded on the sidewalk outside. Lisa had found out about Mike’s “date” with Ronnie. Mike told Lisa that Ronnie was just a friend. The couple got into a loud argument that ended with them kissing and making up. But it was all over between the pair and they were no longer going steady. Mike asked Lisa if they could just be friends.

After Lisa left Mike realized that he had not been feeling well for a few days, so he decided to go to the hospital and get a flu shot. Outside the hospital he saw this really cute girl coming out of the entrance. He wanted very much to talk to her, but she ran off before he had a chance to say anything to her. He totally forgot why he had come to hospital after seeing this girl.


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