S8P1: Episode VII

Episode VII

Mike could not stop thinking about the girl that he had seen briefly outside the hospital a few nights earlier. He kept wondering how he might go about meeting her, but he did not even know her name or where she lived.

Mike needed a friend to talk to so he asked Ronnie out to dinner after work. As they entered the restaurant, Ronnie suddenly got very angry and stormed out of the restaurant. Mike followed her outside to find out what was wrong. Ronnie told Mike that she was seeing this older guy named, Ernest Gilliland and inside the restaurant she had seen her boyfriend flirting with some other girl. Mike consoled Ronnie and they went instead to the diner next door to have dinner.

Thinking of Ronnie’s problem with her boyfriend, Mike decided that he wanted to know where he and Lisa stood in terms in their relationship – were they just friends? So that evening he went to Lisa’s house on Oak Road to settle things once and for all. Her mother told Mike that Lisa was not at home and that she had gone to work at the Market Basket across town. Mike followed her there and proceeded to wait in the cold for her to get off from work.

While he was standing outside waiting for Lisa, Mike suddenly saw that girl again – the cute girl that he had seen leaving the hospital a few days before. Without giving it much thought Mike decided to follow the girl home. She lived right across the street from where Lisa lived. Standing outside the girl’s home for a few minutes, he finally got up the courage to go up the front door and ring the bell. The girl answered the door and Mike introduced himself. He said that he just wanted to know what her name was. The girl told him that her name was Amanda Anderson. They talked for only a few minutes mostly about the weather. Then Amanda suggested that Mike should go home as the snow was really starting to come down heavily.

The very next morning Mike called Amanda asked her if she would meet him at Bridgeview Park. It seems that Mike had picked the right spot to ask Amanda to go on a date as she told him that she hated crowds and that she loved being outside in the environment. Mike did not tell Amanda that day, but he was starting to fall in love with her.


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