S8P1: Episode VIII

Episode VIII

Soon it was Snowflake day. Mike had bought gifts for some his friends. He went to visit Ronnie and gave her a book on Alchemy as gift. He then called Amanda and asked her to meet him at Bridgeview Park. She said that it sounded like fun and that she would meet him there, but she never showed up.

Winter was soon over and Spring had arrived. Mike had tried on a number of occasions to get Amanda to go out with him. On one occasion where she agreed to meet him at Bridgeview Park and did not show up again, Mike was approached by Bubbles Goombah who asked if he wanted a “date”. Mike was not certian what she meant by that, but he knew of the reputation that the Goombah family had and he turned her down.

Yet Mike persisted in asking Amanda out. She had never turned him down; she just never showed up. One night they finally met at Bridgeview Park. While they sat and watched the stars Amanda admitted that although she was a loner, she did like being with Mike.

That night Mike and Amanda went out to dinner at the Italian place across the river. After dinner, Mike proposed that they go steady. Amanda accepted.


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