S8P1: Episode X

Episode X

It was not too long after the incident involving the burglar that others started to move in. The first newcomer was Ronnie Ringwald, age 19. She was followed by her boyfriend Ernest Gilliland who was 28 years old. When Ernest came on the scene the household now had $20,488 in the fund.

Amanda figured out who Ernest was right away. She knew that he was romantically involved with Emily, her older sister. Amanda just was not sure what to do or say about this because she really did not want to get involved and she knew that Mike and Ronnie were very good friends. Her roommates soon learned that Amanda’s traits were Loner, Eco-Friendly, Proper, and Childish.

Mike was now working as a Beverage Consultant at the Day Spa. His lifetime wish was to be a Master of Mysticism. Mike’s traits were Supernatural fan, Neurotic, Good Sense of Humor, & Perceptive

Ernest was unemployed, but he someday wanted to be a Resort Owner. His traits were Workaholic, Family-Oriented, Party Animal, Light Sleeper, & Computer Whiz.

Ronnie traits were Adventurous, Virtuoso, Clumsy, & Light Sleeper. She loved to play her electric piano out in the garage. Her lifetime wish was to someday be an Alchemy Artisan.

Being the party animal and workaholic that he was and not having a job, Ernest spent practically all of his time working on turning the basement into a party room.

One night after work Mike was hungry so he went next door to the Chinese take-out restaurant and to order some food, but Bubbles Goombah who was in front of him was taking a very long time to order. Mike made a comment and Bubbles threatened to “cut” him right there in front of everybody.

Ronnie got an award from the school and she asked Mike to attend the ceremony – knowing Ernest would not bother to show up. After the ceremony they went out to eat and then they sang karaoke together.

After work Amanda would go out to the beach to unwind and do her homework. School and work were always getting her stressed out.

After weeks of work Ernest finally finished building the party room in the basement.

Since Ernest had nothing to do now to keep him busy, he took to bossing around his younger roommates. One morning Amanda was late going to school because she was trying to finish her homework. The last thing that she needed was to have Ernest come into her room and start giving her crap about not going school. When Ernest invaded her space and starting bugging her, Amanda exploded! She and Ernest got into loud argument and she slapped him silly.

Finally school was over for Mike, Amanda, and Ronnie. The three of them went out to a fancy disco and celebrated.


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