S8P1: Episode XI

Episode XI

Now that the party room was all set up, Ernest planned a surprise birthday party for Ronnie. Ernest made up his own list of the guests to invite and called each one.

Ernest put Mike in charge of buying the birthday cake…

…and he told Amanda to take Ronnie out for brunch while the guests assemble at the house.

Ronnie was very surprised! When she aged up to young adult she now had the Neat trait.

Amanda had taken an extreme disliking to Ernest and wanted a way of getting back at him. So during the party Amanda convinced her older sister, Emily, to make out with Ernest. Being a total slob, Emily went for it.

In another part of the house Lisa informed Mike that she was moving in. Mike said that he was cool with that.

As the party went on Ernest was being more and more of a jerk. Someone said that they saw him out in the garage flirting with Ronnie’s mother, Celia!

However Ronnie seemed to not know or care about Ernest’s behavior. She instead played her guitar for everyone.


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