S8P1: Episode XII

Episode XII

Soon after Ronnie’s party, the group celebrated Mike’s 21st birthday and Mike acquired the Hopeless Romantic trait.

The Day Spa where Mike worked created a new position for him and he was given the title of “Horoscope Reader”. He started working out of a trailer on Eastern Beach. He was now making $20 hour and worked 1 PM to 5 PM MWFSS.

On Mike’s first day as a Horoscope Reader, he picked up about four clients. One of them was a strange woman named Meredith Goombah-Gumbah.

Amanda was now 21 also and she acquired the Diva trait. She continued to work as a model, doing commercials at the studio. Her work hours were 7AM to 2PM MTWTF.

Lisa’s traits were Neat, Family-Oriented, Commitment Issues, Light Sleeper, & Schmoozer. When Lisa turned 21 she acquired the Equestrian trait. She took a job as a video game developer. Her lifetime wish was to be a Heartbreaker.

Lisa seemed to be only one in the house who liked Ernest’s party-hardy attitude.

She started flirting with Ernest, but he kept rejecting her advances…

…and Ronnie seemed to be ignoring what was going on.

Ronnie decided to take a job as a ghost hunter.

She told Mike that she was interested in the supernatural research that he was doing and she encouraged him to keep at it.

One night Mike learned the secret of how to make a Zombification potion, but he needed an insect of any sort….

He remembered that at his old house where he grew up as a kid that there were always a lot of insects in the yard. So he went there to look for insects. Not finding any insects out and about at night he instead he stole some vegetables from the garden behind the house.


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