S8P1: Episode XIV

Episode XIV

Now that Mike had the ingredients that he needed, he mixed up a batch of the Zombification elixir. Since Ronnie’s lifetime wish was Alchemy Artisan – reach level 10 in Alchemy and use 50 Alchemy Elixirs – Mike’s plan was to give Ronnie the elixir and have her try it out on her boyfriend Ernest.

Mike gave the potion to Ronnie and convinced her to try it on Ernest. He assured her that it would not hurt her boyfriend and that he would probably have fun with it. Ronnie thought it is a devilish idea and she agreed to go along with the plan.

Finding Ernest upstairs in one of the bedrooms talking to Lisa, Ronnie threw the Zombification potion at her boyfriend and he was immediately turned into a zombie.

Amanda woke up and started yelling at Ronnie for making so much noise while she was trying to sleep.

Everyone except Amanda went downstairs and that is when Mike’s little experiment backfired on him. Ernest backed Ronnie in a corner near the front door and attacked her – turning Ronnie into a zombie also.

Although he was not least bit concerned about Ernest’s condition, Mike panicked when he saw what had happen to his friend Ronnie. Immediately he ran out of the house, jumped into his car and drove to the Elixir shop hoping find a cure for Zombification.

At the shop they were all out of whatever cure there is for Zombification. Not thinking at all clearly, Mike instead purchased an elixir called Personality Adjustor. He quickly returned back home. Finding the zombified Ronnie in the kitchen and he used the Personality Adjustor potion her. This potion, of course, did not cure her zombification. Rather it removed her Light Sleeper trait and changed her to a Supernatural Fan. She was still a zombie.

What Mike did not know was that Zombification wears off after a few hours and soon Ernest and Ronnie were back to normal.


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