S8P1: Episode XV

Episode XV

Amanda was now working on new trashy screen-play titled “Wrong, or Wright”

Mike, Amanda, Ronnie, Lisa, and 17 others graduated from high school. Instead of attending the ceremony, Lisa hung around outside, flirting with Ernest.

After graduation Mike went out to dinner with Lisa, Donna, and Raquel LeFey. He was not sure where everyone else went.

During dinner Mike got a call from Katherine Gilliland. She was a co-worker who worked at the Spa. He agreed to meet with her. They chatted for a few minutes and then she left abruptly. Mike had no idea why Katherine had asked to meet him. Rather than return to the restaurant, Mike went back to the house.

Meanwhile… Ernest showed up at the restaurant and started flirting with Lisa.

Back home… Mike and Ronnie went outside to watch the stars and talk about the future.

They must not have known that Amanda was at home and apparently Amanda did not know that Ronnie and Mike were sitting outside on the back porch.

Later when Mike realize that perhaps something was happening between him and Ronnie, he freaked out.

Meanwhile back at the restaurant… Lisa and Ernest were seen carrying on by Ronnie’s mother Celia.

When they realized that Celia Ringwald saw them, Lisa & Ernest left immediately, taking Donna with them.


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