S8P1: Episode XVI

Episode XVI

It was Saturday and the members of the household were taking it easy. Mike cleaned his bird’s cage.

Amanda went outside and played in the sprinklers.  Because of her childish trait, this was a thing that she loved to do.

Then she went out shopping at the S-Mart consignment store.

Mike accidentally started a fire in kitchen when he suddenly had to go to the bathroom while he was cooking breakfast. Donna freaked out and called the fire department.

That night, Mike was called once again by Katherine Gilliland. She asked him to meet her near the Criminal Warehouse. Mike remarked to her that she bore an uncanny resemblance to his friend Ronnie Ringwald. Katherine ignored the comment.

Within minutes after he arrived at the Criminal warehouse, Mike got a call from someone else asking to meet him at another location. He wasn’t sure, but it sounded like an emergency so he went right ahead without question to the Dew Drop Inn. He left once again not knowing why Katherine had asked to see him.

Mike arrived at the Dew Drop Inn and sat at the bar waiting for whomever it was that called him.

After a short while Raquel LeFey showed up at the bar.

As soon as they met Raquel came right out and asked Mike if was ready to become a Vampire. Mike was amazed: “How did she know that I was thinking that?” Without any discussion whatsoever, Mike answered: “Yes, I am ready,” and with that Raquel lifted Mike’s arm, biting him on the wrist.

Back at the house, Amanda woke up, dressed and went downstair to tidy up. She had this sudden sensation that Mike was up to no good somewhere and she planned to confront him as soon as he returned.

After his encounter with Raquel LeFey went home. He too had a sensation that something suddenly had gone wrong between he and Amanda. Rather than going upstairs to see his girlfriend, Mike instead sneaked down to the basement and found an empty bed to sleep in.

That night Amanda changed the title of her screenplay to “My True Love?”


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