S8P1: Episode XVII

Episode XVII

The morning following his encounter with Raquel LeFey, Mike noticed a blemish on his neck. “The bite itches ever so slightly. It’s enough to resist the urge to scratch though.”

Ronnie casually asked Amanda how things were going. Amanda was clearly upset about something – she exploded in rage.

Mike went to the bookstore and bought Alchemy volume II for Ronnie.

When he returned home, Mike went upstairs to see Amanda. He tried to speak to her, but she was too upset to listen to him.

Mike gave Vol II: Secret Motions and Super Potions to Veronica as a gift.

Ronnie and Ernest are still a couple and nothing that has happened seems to have phased them.

Ronnie went out on a ghost hunting job.

Katherine Gilliland called Mike again. He went to see her, she did not show up, because she had gone to the prom instead. Mike still does not know why Katherine keeps calling him.
Amanda learned that Donna was now going steady with Charles Clemens. They met at the prom. How sweet!

That night, Mike became a vampire.

He went to the hospital to seek help, but instead he wound up trying to steal plasma.

The police showed up and Mike was arrested.

He spent the night and the next day in jail.


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