S8P1: Episode XIX

Episode XIX

Following his arrest for stealing plasma fruit, Mike had to make a court appearance where he was made to pay a $553 fine. The household now had only $6,601 in the fund.

He needed to adjust his hours so that he slept during the day; allowing him to be active at night.

So he would hang out at the Chinese take-out joint drinking coffee in order to stay awake.

Ronnie was doing well in her alchemy study and she had now reached level 4.

Being the childish type that she was, Amanda loved to play in the sprinklers.

…and occasionally she tended the garden at the rear of the house.

Ronnie was now catching more spirits. One night she earned $460 for selling a dozen or so spirits to the Science lab and for her efforts to rid the town of evil spirits was given an award from the city.

Ronnie and Mike enjoyed discussing the supernatural.

They seemed to be getting closer to each other.

Ernest wondered if maybe something was going on between Mike and Ronnie.

One night Mike asked to drink plasma from Ronnie’s wrist and she allowed it.

Mike then offered to turn her into a Vampire and she accepted his offer.


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