S8P1: Episode XX

Episode XX

The next morning, Mike had now gained a fifth trait, Charismatic. He finally got a chance to talk to Amanda. He hoped to clear some things up. He made her think of him and he suggested that they get back together. Yet he went too far and managed to say the wrong things. Amanda got angry and stormed off to work, leaving Mike with the “Rejected by Ex” moodlet which bummed him out.

Later that same morning, Mike had plans for Lisa and so he attempted to bring her under his spell…

Around noon, Mike left for work.

Instead of driving, he now runs to work at an extremely high speed.

That night Ronnie went to a poltergeist haunting to exorcise objects at the Stoney home on Oak Street…

…and Amanda continued to work on her trashy novel.

Later that same night, Mike tried again to bring Lisa under his control.

This time he succeeded and he convinces Lisa to go and to make out with Ernest…

…and Lisa did…

…Yet Mike’s plan backfired as Ernest’s behavior with Lisa only seemed to get Veronica turned-on…

Amanda appeared to be having second thoughts about breaking up with Mike.

The couple decided to visit Bridgeview Park in the early morning rain.

Mike had to leave for work. After he left, Amanda was approached by a stranger who introduced himself as Arnold Poindexter. He was from the science lab. Giving her his card, he tells Amanda that he can cure her boyfriend for a $3000 fee. Up until now, Mike had denied to Amanda that he has become a Vampire. Now it was very apparent to her that Mike had changed.


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