S8P1: Episode XXI

Episode XXI

It was Donna’s birthday and Ernest decided to throw her a party.

Mike was dead tired when he came home from work, so he went down to the sub-basement to have a vampiric slumber.

The guests arrived…

Lisa was seen dancing with the writer Mark Clemens, Charles Clemens’ father.

The party was in full swing…

Mike awoke from his vampiric slumber and decided to join the party. When he went into the party room, he sensed that Ernest had invited Emily Anderson to the party.

Seeking her out, he attempted to control Amanda’s sister and convinced her to make out with Ernest.

Being the slob that she was, Emily made-out with Ernest in front of the other guests.

Standing nearby, Veronica saw the whole thing. For the first time she witnessed Ernest cheating on her.

Ronnie and Ernest got into a heavy duty fight and Ronnie told Ernest that they were finished – she was breaking up with him.

Mike suddenly felt terrible about what he had done. He asked all of the guests to please leave. Then he attempted to calm things down between Ronnie & Ernest. But he only to made things worse. Ronnie screamed at Ernest to leave and get out of the house.

While the party was going on downstairs, Amanda, a childish loner, hid in her room playing with her toys.

In the wee hours of the following morning, Veronica became a vampire.


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