S8P1: Episode XXII

Episode XXII

Donna’s birthday party was disaster. Donna was now 21 years old and her traits were Workaholic, Couch Potato, Good, Easily Impressed, and Angler. Her lifetime wish was to be CEO of a Mega-Corporation.

Studying hard, Ronnie reached level 5 in Alchemy.

The next day, Mike asked Amanda if they could be friends again and she said yes.

Donna graduated from high school.

Mike and Ronnie were seen together attending Donna’s graduation.

Donna threw a birthday party for Charles and this time she invited her friends to the party.

At work, Mike had been promoted. He was now at level 2 and his title is Fortune Guesser. He was now able give private readings.

Mike consoled Ronnie over the breakup and she responded with an amorous hug.

Amanda finally decided to confront Mike over his change in behavior. She told him that she had just spoken with her sister, Emily and that she has figured out that he was the instigator of Ronnie & Ernest’s break-up. Amanda informed Mike that Ernest was living with her sister in a penthouse apartment at the Tidewater Tower near the Studio and she announced in dramatic fashion that she was moving out to go and live with her sister.

Lisa did not attend Charles’ birthday party. Instead she was seen at the University quad having a water balloon fight with Amanda’s father, Kenny Anderson.

Now that Amanda and Ernest were gone, Lisa started flirting with Mike.

Charles asked Donna to marry him and she accepted.

Mike & Ronnie went out a date to the Prosper Room, an exclusive nightclub. They sneaked into the VIP lounge and blew bubbles at the Bubble bar.

Ronnie got kicked out of the Prosper Room after another patron, Janet Stoney, informed a bouncer that Ronnie did not belong there. Ronnie was currently a level 2 celebrity and apparently that was not good enough for the Prosper Room. Mike suggested instead that they go out to Bridgeview Park.

At 3 AM, they were seen making-out on a park bench.

As the sun rose that morning, they were in bed together.


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