S8P1: Episode XXIV

Episode XXIV

Mike became a partner in the fortune telling business and paid $1000 for the privilege. This entitled him to a share in the profits.

Ronnie dealt with poltergeist hauntings at her parent’s home and at their neighbor’s house. She earned $520 for the jobs and the sold the spirits to the science lab for $951. She was now at level 4 in the ghost hunting profession. Her title was Spirit Sweeper. With this money she bought some new gadgets for the household.

Charles found a job working for the local newspaper. It paid $38/hour and his new boss was a professional blogger named Clara Esposito.

On Thursday, Mike was off from work, so he and Ronnie decided to work on their Alchemy skills after some morning woohoo.

Mike had acquired five potions for Ronnie to test out.

He gave her four potions to use as however she wished and for the fifth potion he asked that she use it on his boss, Valencia Gilliland.

Ronnie used the first potion, Liquid Job Booster, on Patrick as a way of thanking him for finding this great house they now lived in. Within an hour Patrick gets a call from the city offering him a job. So he quit the business career and went into politics.

Earlier that morning, Ronnie and Charles had an argument over the bathroom and Ronnie pulled rank on Charles…

…now, later that day, she used the Jar of Friendship on Charles so that they could be friends again.

Then she sought out Lisa to use the Vial of Enlightenment on Lisa, thinking that she needed a good dose of enlightenment.

After she used the potion on Lisa, Mike got angry at Ronnie and told her that she was wasting the potions. Adding that she needed to be more creative.

Mike quickly decided he was being not being fair with her and he apologized.

Ronnie decided to be creative with her next subject and went out to pay a visit to her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. She did not have to go far because Emily Anderson was visiting her parents who lived next door to Ronnie and the others.

Ronnie confronted Emily at Emily’s parents’ home and accused her of being a Diva.

Then she gave Emily a really big, big surprise…

Ronnie used the Large and In Charge potion on Emily; turning Emily into a big-fat blob…

When Ronnie returned home, Mike was there talking with his boss, Valencia Gilliland.

Ronnie took this as her cue to use the fifth potion on Valencia.

The potion used on Valencia was the Fountain of Youth and Valencia was transformed into a young woman again.

Mike and Valencia proceeded to talk shop while Ronnie looked on wondering what Mike was up to.

Mike invited Valencia to stay for dinner.

He then came right to the point and asked Valencia if he could have a raise. She turned him down. He then schmoozed a little more and asked her for a promotion. She turned him down again. Using his vampire powers, he even went so far as to make her think of him. Yet she continued to turn him down saying that she did not think he was ready yet. It was getting late and Mike felt he needed more time. Finally he suggested that Valencia stay at his place for a few days, pointing out that her family would need some time to get used to her sudden transformation. Valencia agreed with him and said that perhaps it might be better if she were to hide out at Mike’s place for awhile.


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