S8P1: Episode XXV

Episode XXV

The year is 1979 and the current population of Twin Bayous is 144 residents in 44 households.

Current cast of Story 8 consists of the following Sims

Age Job LTW Traits

Lisa Oldham
25 Video Game Developer (1) Heartbreaker Commitment Issues, Family-Oriented, Neat, Schmoozer, Light Sleeper

Ronnie Ringwald
24* Ghost Hunter (4) Alchemy Artisan Adventurous, Virtuoso, Clumsy, Supernatural Fan, Neat

Patrick Dutranoit
24 Political (1) CEO of Mega-Corporation Slob, Bookworm, Avant Garde, Loves the Cold and Ambitious.

Mike Dutranoit
23* Fortune Teller (2) Master of Mysticism Supernatural Fan, Neurotic, Good Sense of Humor, Perceptive, Hopeless Romantic

Donna Gentile
22 Business (1) CEO of Mega-Corporation Workaholic, Couch Potato, Good, Easily Impressed, Angler

Charles Clemens
22 Journalism (1) Rock Star Irresistible, Perfectionist, Virtuoso, Clumsy, Good

Valencia Gilliland
21 Fortune Teller (4) Master of Mysticism Natural Cook, Neat, Hot-Headed, Light Sleeper, and Nurturing

Tabitha LeFey
19 High School Vocal Legend Neurotic, Never Nude, Nurturing, and Diva

* – Vampires do not age.

Mike asks Ronnie to marry him…

…and she accepts.

It is a rainy morning, so they spend the time studying Alchemy. Mike reaches level 8 in Alchemy and Ronnie achieves level 6.

Ronnie is starting to think that being a vampire is not such a great thing.

Charles gets a call from Amanda Anderson asking him to meet her at the city pool. She tells him that her sister has moved out and that she is stuck living with Ernest. She needs a place to stay and she is wondering if they is any room where everyone is living now. Charles tells her that there is an extra bed in the house. When she learns that there are eight Sims in the house, she changes her mind.

Ronnie goes out on three ghost hunting jobs. She makes $780, plus sells the ghosts and gets another $525.

Meanwhile, Mike continues to try and get a raise or promotion from Valencia, but she doesn’t want to discuss work…

…and instead she asks Mike to watch the stars.

Later, Mike overhears Valencia and Lisa talking and learns that Valencia is thinking of leaving her husband, Austin, and moving in permanently. Mike is beginning to think he has made a mistake asking her to stay in the house.


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