S8P1: Episode XXVI

Episode XXVI

Donna & Charles are planning to go to Lucky Palms to get married.

Donna asks Mike and Ronnie go with them as best man and maid of honor. Patrick and Tabitha planned to go also. Valencia and Lisa stayed behind.

It cost over $6,000 for the six of them to travel to Lucky Palms. However shortly after walking into the casino, Veronica won $5,000 playing a slot machine and that practically paid for the entire trip.

Out by the pool Ronnie laid out in the sun; although being a Vampire the sunlight was a huge problem for her. She missed being normal…

Ronnie decided to the broach the subject with Mike and she asked him what he thought of his life as Vampire. Mike told her that he too was tired of being a Vampire. He told her that they should seek the cure when they return home.

Donna & Charles were married at noon the day after the party arrived in Lucky Palms.

During the ceremony Mike surprised Veronica with flowers…

…and he asked her if she would marry him today in Lucky Palms…

…Mike & Ronnie were married at sunset.

The two couples congratulated each other on their weddings.

Later that night Ronnie celebrated by performing for everyone.

Returning from Lucky Palms, the household now had over $20,000

A few days later, Lisa approached Mike and asked him to turn her into a vampire. Mike willingly passed on the curse to Lisa…

…and then he wished her good luck.

Later Mike and Ronnie spent their final night as Vampires studying hard and taking advantage of the skill gains that come with being a Vampire.

Before dawn they went to the science lab where they purchased the cure for  $3000 apiece.

No longer vampires, they were now back to normal.

Lisa sought out Austin Gilliland downtown and invited him to the house…

…where she convinced Austin to reconcile with his wife Valencia.

Austin and Valencia reconciled and she moved back in with her husband.

Mike & Ronnie were happy now that they were no longer Vampires.

Ronnie was even happier when she soon learned that she was pregnant.


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