S8P1: Episode XXVIII

Episode XXVIII

After meeting with Raquel, Mike was slightly troubled and he wandered the streets of Twin Bayous until he got to the Chinese take-out joint just as the sun was coming up. There he ate some breakfast.

In the morning after visiting the spa for her backache, Ronnie went to the hospital to get a flu shot and to get some medical advice regarding her pregnancy.

Back at the house Raquel and Lisa seemed to be bonding. Lisa gave Raquel a preview of a new video game she was working on.

It was late morning when Raquel learned that her sister, Tabitha, had not yet left for school. Raquel was upset and she confronted her sister. In course of their arguing it all spilled out that Raquel was not at all pleased that Tabitha was living with Mike’s brother, Patrick – Raquel did not approve of their relationship.

Their arguing began to get louder…

…things began to get physical between the pair…

…and then their fight turned into a brawl…

In the fight, Tabitha broke her sister’s jaw and Raquel needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Raquel was forced to spend the money that she has saved up for the Cure on an “expensive facial modification”. However, when she did get out of the hospital, she was pleased with the results.


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