S8P1: Episode XXIX

Episode XXIX

It was Tuesday and Mike had the day off. Tabitha attempted to explain to Mike what went down between she and her sister, but he was not too concerned. It was raining heavily outside and he really wanted to go out and look for collectibles.

Mike had been estranged from his family a long time. He decided to visit the cemetery and seek out his sister Amie who worked there afternoons as a Burial Specialist. As Mike waited outside for his sister to let him into the catacombs, he discovered a Death Flower plant behind the building.

Mike’s sister let him into the catacombs…

…and when he was inside she informed him that she had made a significant discovery. She had discovered that their family were descendants of the founder of the town of Twin Bayous. She showed Mike the urn containing the remains of their ancestor, Henri Dutranoit and what Mike did next sent Amie running scared from the cemetery.

Mike pick up the urn and took it with him. On his way out of the catacombs he experienced some ancestral retribution for his indiscretion. However, he managed to keep the urn and with it he went home.

Back at the house, Mike excitedly told Lisa about what happened in the catacombs.

Then he took the urn carrying the remains of Henri Dutranoit and placed it down to the basement.

Mike, who grew up thinking that he was an outsider, was suddenly proud that it was an ancestor of his who founded the town of Twin Bayous.

Yet Mike was soon to have something else to be even more proud of as Ronnie was having her baby.

Michelle Dutranoit was born in 1981 AS. She had one of her father’s odd traits, Neurotic, and one of her mother’s good traits, Virtuoso.


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