S8P1: Episode XXXI

Episode XXXI

Donna and Ronnie were both now pregnant – Donna with her first child and Ronnie with her second.

One day, Raquel cornered Mike and begged him to help her by using his knowledge of Alchemy to discover a cure for her Vampirism.

Mike continued his study of Alchemy. He had learned a number of recipes, but did not have all of the ingredients that he needed to create the potions.

So, Mike went to the local Elixir Shop and talked to the owner about his need to find ingredients. She suggested that he travel to Moonlight Falls to look for ingredients there.

Lisa had met Chadrick Gentile, Donna’s older brother. Chadrick was a doctor, plus he was single. He and Lisa seemed to be hitting it off.

Amanda Anderson asked to see Mike. They met at the old farm park outside of town. She told him that she still had feelings for him and he confessed he did still have feelings toward her, but that he could never do anything to hurt Ronnie.

And so the pair agreed to remain friends.

Donna gave birth to daughter Margie.


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