S8P1: Episode XXXII

Episode XXXII

Ronnie gave birth to daughter, Luisa. The baby’s traits were Clumsy and Perceptive.

Lisa wrote a letter to Chadrick Gentile, telling him that she had a nice time on their date and hoped that they would meet again soon.

The house was starting a get a little crowded, so Donna and Charles decided to move out. They rented a house way on the outside of town in Mike’s old neighborhood.

Tabitha told Mike that she did not want Patrick to remain a Vampire and asked him to seek the cure using his knowledge of Alchemy.

Wanting to help both Tabitha and Raquel, Mike decided to make a trip to Moonlight Falls to search for the ingredients he needed for making potions.

Raquel overheard Mike making plans to go to Moonlight Falls and insisted on going with him. Telling him that she could help with his search for ingredients because she had friends in Moonlight Falls.

When they arrived in Moonlight Falls, Raquel told Mike that they did not have to stay at the motel, because she actually owned a cabin in Moonlight Falls.

Raquel’s cabin in Moonlight Falls was in an isolated part of town.


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