S8P1: Episode XXXVI

Episode XXXVI

At work Mike had received a raise, but what he really wanted was a promotion. He went to the central park to offer private readings to people that he met there. However he was turned down by Chadrick Gentile and Lisa’s father, Victor Oldham.

He had better luck offering a private reading to Cindy Van de Putte…

He gave a reading to Paula Monday. He learned that her zodiac sign was Cancer and that she was engaged to Ronnie’s brother, Waldo Ringwald.

…and later on to Lisa Oldham. In the reading he did for Lisa, he learned that her Commitment Issues trait has caused her to break-up with Chadrick and that she has moved back in with her father. Mike decided it was best if he did not comment on that.

All was well between Mike & Ronnie…

…but trouble seemed to be brewing between Patrick and Tabitha. Their relationship level had dropped below zero.

Tabitha went out on a date with Ronnie’s other brother, Ulysses Ringwald.

Ronnie told Patrick what was going on and that Tabitha could be found at the museum. Patrick decided to follow Tabitha and see what she was up to.

At the museum, Tabitha and Patrick got into a very loud and public argument. Tabitha broke up with Patrick.

Mike consoled his brother and Patrick told him that he believed the separation to be only temporary.

Ronnie & Raquel enjoy jamming together. They were thinking of forming a band.

Raquel learned that she is pregnant and this made her very happy.

Raquel told Mike that she would soon have a surprise for him, but she did not tell him what it was.

That same night Ronnie had an encounter with the ghost of Henri Dutranoit. In the darkness, the ghost suddenly came up to her and started slapping her face. Then he stopped, bowed deeply, and apologized saying that he had mistook her for someone else.


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