S8P1: Episode XXXVII

Episode XXXVII

The year was now 1983 and the current population of the town was 152 residents living in 44 households.

Tabitha told Mike that she saw the ghost attacking Ronnie the night before.

Mike asked Ronnie about what had happened with the ghost and she told him that she was okay and not to worry about it.

Mike went to library to see what more he could learn about Henri Dutranoit. He found a brief biography of Henri Dutranoit in a book entitled The History of Twin Bayous which stated that Henri was born in New Orleans in 1801 and that he founded the town of Twin Bayous in 1832. He married Melanie Le Fey of Lafayette in 1835. She died in the cholera epidemic of 1868 and Henri died at age seventy in 1871 having gone mad after acquiring a rare blood disorder known as porphyria. The biography made no mention of any hidden treasure.

Not finding anything else of interest regarding Henri Dutranoit in the main library, Mike thought he would spend the rest of his time there down in the basement catching up on his study of Alchemy.

As he was reading, he suddenly remembered an obscure note in the margin of one of the pages that he had seen once before. Recalling that he had actually bookmarked the page he turned to it and there in the left margin of the page he saw once again where someone had added a notation that read: “Henri était un pécheur. Ainsi, l’esprit a volé son trésor.” Mike could not quite make it out – something about Henri being a sinner and a spirit stealing his treasure…

Tabitha went out on another date with Ulysses Ringwald.

She then got angry with him when she learned that he was engaged to Sasha Delgado. Tabitha had been led to believe that Ulysses was single.

She got so angry at him that she cast an ice blast spell on him. Turning him into an ice sculpture.

Then she bragged about what she had done to her friends, Katherine and Brenda.



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