S8P1: Episode XXXIX

Episode XXXIX

Rumors that Mike was the father of Raquel’s son, Mihail, had gotten everyone in the town of Twin Bayous gossiping. Folks had started heckling him everywhere he went.

Trying to get away from the wagging tongues, he sought solace in the cemetery and entered the mausoleum in the hopes that he could locate a portal into the Netherworld in the catacombs below.

After some time he did manage to find the portal, but as soon as he entered the portal he ran into some trouble with a brood of angry spirits. Mike exited the mausoleum in a horrified state.

Later that evening, Mike got a call from Katherine Gilliland asking him to meet her at the science lab. Recuperating at home after his ordeal in the cemetery, he told Katherine that he was not interested in seeing her. When she told Mike that she had information regarding the father of Raquel’s baby, Mike agreed to meet her.

At the science lab, Katherine came right to the point and told Mike that she knows that he is the father of Raquel’s son, Mihail. Mike scoffed at this and asked her how she would even know something like that. She then explained to Mike that she is a time-traveler from the future and that she knew a great deal of the history of his life and times.

She went on further to explain to Mike that she is now trapped in the present and cannot return to the future due to his actions. Then Katherine revealed to Mike that she was not the sister of Ernest Gilliland, but rather she was a descendent of Ernest and his former girlfriend, Veronica Ringwald, who was now married to Mike. She told him that if she were to attempt to return to the future, she would cease to exist as her ancestors never had any children together. All because Mike has caused their break-up.

Mike tells Katherine that he doesn’t believe a word of her story. He calls it a “sick little joke”. He turns to leave, but Katherine pleads with him to stay. She tells Mike that she can prove to him that she is telling the truth. She then led him to a secure area behind the science lab.

In the secure area behind the science lab, Katherine showed Mike the time portal. Looking at it he told her that “this contraption” proved nothing to him.

Then when she activated the time portal for him, Mike began to have second thoughts about doubting Katherine.

Mike performed a private reading on Katherine and he sensed that she actually was telling the truth. “How can this be?” he exclaimed in amazement.

Katherine gave Mike a key to the secure area and she urged him to travel through the portal to see if he could repair the damage that he had done to the time continuum. Mike tells her that he is not fully convinced of her story and that he needs some time to consider it. Katherine tells him that he must act quickly, adding that “we may all be running out of time”.


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