S8P1: Episode XL

Episode XL

Holding Raquel’s baby, Mike realized that he must learn the truth and face whatever the reality was.

Mike speculated that if he were to travel to the future he should be able to learn from the history of the present time. He may even be able to learn if and how he found the dusty old lamp.

He would go to the future first before he considered attempting to go to the past to try and alter the present.

Mike told Ronnie that he had to go away for a few days on a business trip.

Tabitha butt in and said she did not believe that he was going on a “business trip”. Mike was insulted by her comment.

That afternoon Mike returned to the science lab.

Going to the secure area behind the science lab and using the key that Katherine gave him, he entered the time portal.

A moment later, exiting the time portal, he was now in the future…


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