S8P1: Episode XLI

Episode XLI

Arriving in the future, Mike was greeted by the keeper of the time portal who welcomed Mike to the City of Twin Bayous in the year 2183.

Mike apologized to his host, saying that he did not have much time, and must find answers quickly. He asked for directions to the historical archives. The time keeper laughed at Mike, telling him that every visitor says the same thing when they first arrive. He gave Mike a jetpack so he could get around the city quickly. His host cautions Mike that a first-time jet pack user should be careful.

Mike visited the library of the future…

…where he found that the library had an overwhelming number of books.

He found a book entitled The History of Twin Bayous , but he did not have time to spend reading through 350 years of history.

Then he discovered a device the people of the future people call a holo-web and he used one to conduct a search for descendants.

Within minutes, he found a woman named Theresa McDaniel, who was a descendant of his daughter Michelle, residing at 1504 Desolation Drive.

Learning how to use the device he found that he could query for the woman’s current location and to his surprise he learned that she was at that moment right there downstairs inside the library.

Mike introduced himself to the woman; although she did not seem to be the least bit interested in who he was. After they chatted for a while she admitted that she knew nothing about her family history, but suggested that he talk to Hiram Valadez whom she understood to be distantly related to her.

Mike wanted to ask Theresa if she knew anyone named Katherine Gilliland, but the woman walked away before he had the chance.

He found out that the Valadez family lived at 511 Precipice Parkway and started out on his way to visit them. Outside the library, Mike was approached by an elderly man who asked Mike for his autograph.

Mike was not sure why anyone would ask for his autograph, but shrugged and gave the old man what he had asked for.

Arriving at 511 Precipice Way, Mike was greeted by a woman who identified herself as Hiram’s wife, Audrey. She told him that Hiram was out right at the moment, but asked Mike to please wait as she knew that her husband would be much honored to meet him.

While he waited, Mike studied from the third volume of Alchemy.

Mike met his descendant, Hiram Valadez. Hiram told Mike that he was very familiar with his family’s history and he explained that he was a direct descendent of Mike’s daughter Luisa. Mike asked if Hiram knew the name Katherine Gilliland and Hiram said that he did not.

Mike asked Hiram if there were any other of Mike’s descendants living in the city. Hiram told him that there was one fellow in town who had a rather controversial claim to being a descendant of Mike Dutranoit. His name was Dominque LeFey. Hiram described Dominque as a very wealthy, eccentric old man who lived by himself in a big house.

Mike looked up Dominique LeFey on the holo-web and found a biography along with a picture of the man. Immediately Mike recognized the man in the image as the old man who stopped him outside the library.

Mr. LeFey lived at 490 Precipice Way which was just down the road at the bottom of the hill.

Mike went to visit the man and he was greeted by Mr. LeFey as though he were some long, lost relative. Dominique asked Mike what year it was when he left the past. Mike told him that the year was 1983.

Mr. LeFey, who seemed a bit eccentric, insisted that they hold their conversation in the hot tub out on the patio. He told Mike: “You came here from 1983. That’s too soon. I know because my ancestor, Mihail LeFey, was born in the spring of that year. So I’ll be brief and to the point. I know why you are here and I will tell you that you won’t find what you looking for in the history books here in the future. You won’t find it! The answer that you are looking for is in the past.” Then he cryptically added that he had three little words for Mike: “dusty old lamp”. When the old man mentioned the dusty old lamp Mike was now convinced that he was getting closer to finding out something about his future. However Dominque told him that he can say no more, because he knew that Mike had not yet found the lamp.

Mr. LeFey tells Mike that he is welcome to stay the night, but that he wants him to leave in the morning. Later Mr. LeFey caught Mike using a holo-web to try and find a reference to Mihail LeFey. “Mark my words. You won’t find it! The answer that you are looking for is in the past.” echoed Mr. LeFey.

During the night Mike had a bad dream that he and Ronnie are divorced.

The next morning, Mike is not so sure that he likes what he sees of the future.

Leaving Mr. LeFey’s house, Mike returned to the portal and prepared to travel back to the present.


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