S8P1: Episode XLIV

Episode XLIV

After Raquel finished her story, Mike began his story by saying “You’re going to find this very hard to believe…”

“My name is not Michael Dutranoit. It’s Mike Dutranoit. My grandfather had a brother named Michael Dutranoit and I think that his brother did die in the early twenties. I have been told that I was named after him.”

“I have come here, by accident, from the future – from the year 1983. I know a woman named Raquel LeFey who looks a lot like you, only she has dark hair and she is a Vampire.”

“I recently learned that I am the father of her child who was born only a few days ago. It is complicated because I am married to another woman whom I love very much.”

“What is even more complicated is that I do believe that you are the Raquel LeFey – the Raquel LeFey that I know in the future.”

The Raquel of the 1920’s starting laughing when she heard tell of the Raquel of the 1980’s.

“A vampire, you say! You know very well that I am not a vampire! I am a witch!” She exclaimed. Then she went on, “I am supposed to be living in 1983? You and I have a child together in 1983? Why I’ll be in my eighties in 1983. You had a child with an eighty year old woman?!!?”

“No,” Mike replied, “You don’t get it. The Raquel that I know is a young woman. She is a Vampire and from what I know, Vampires never age…”

Mike got up from the table. “Listen, I need to go out for a while… to get some air… to clear my head.”




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