S8P2: Episode I

Episode I: Michelle’s Story

Part Two of Story 8 begins now…

My name is Michelle Dutranoit and I am 8 years old. Momma says that should I keep a diary and this here is my very first entry. We live in the town of Twin Bayous in a big house on a cliff above the gulf. Folks call our house the Old Plantation Home.

The plantation was once owned by our ancestor named Henri Dutranoit.

Folks say a lot of bad things about Mr. Dutranoit. How he was a slave owner, a vampire, and downright mean man. His ghost lives in our house. I know this because my sister Luisa and I have met him.

Daddy says that our family had lost the plantation due to the “epic fornications” of Mr. Dutranoit, but daddy says that he fought for it, bled for it, almost died to get it back. Folks tell stories that daddy found the lost treasure of Mr. Dutranoit a long time ago in a graveyard somewhere. Other folks say that a big blue ghost gave daddy the treasure.

Daddy is a fortune teller and Momma works at the theatre. She wants to be a hit movie composer.

Daddy and Momma like each other a lot.

Uncle Patrick and Auntie Tabitha used to be really good friends, but now they don’t like each other.

Auntie Tabitha is a witch, but she never seems to be at all happy about being a witch. One time I asked Auntie Tabitha if she wasn’t happy, why she did live with us. She told me that she has stayed because she needs to keep an eye on my little brother, Mihai.

I understand exactly what she meant about keeping an eye on my little brother, Mihai. He sometimes does strange things…

Auntie Kate lives with us too. She works for the parish hospital. I asked Daddy why Auntie Kate lived with us and he said: “She’s here to keep an eye on me”. I guess, for some reason, folks need to keep an eye on each other!

Uncle Patrick used to live with us, but he bought a farm out of town and moved away. He is a Vampire and Daddy said that Uncle Patrick stole his treasure.

Once I rode my bike out to Uncle Patrick’s farm to ask him about the treasure, but he wouldn’t talk to me.

On the way home I got lost. I saw a strange woman with her horse standing on the side of the road. I tried to ask her for directions, but she wouldn’t help me.

She just pointed her magic wand at me and told me to go away.

Once upon a time, Auntie Tabitha’s sister lived with us, but she “disappeared”. Daddy and Auntie Tabitha sometimes fight about her.

Auntie Tabitha says that Daddy had a “mid-life crisis” when her sister disappeared and he always says that it was all his fault that she was gone. He used to have a Good Sense of Humor and now folks say that he is Unstable. Every so often he has to go with Auntie Kate to the hospital.

-Signed: Michelle Dutranoit – Spring of 1988


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