S8P2: Episode II

Episode II: All Out of Time

The year is 1988. Five years have gone by since the last episode in part one.

Katherine Gilliland, who is now in her mid-twenties and a resident at the parish hospital, has lived with the Dutranoit family for the past four years. Mike asked Katherine to move into his house because he had developed the Unstable trait as a result of his travels through time. Many a morning he will wake up “out of sorts” and if he does not take action such as breathing through a paper bag or be admitted to the hospital for instability within a few hours, his condition would get worse and his other traits would start to randomly change. If left unchecked entirely, one or all of his other traits might disappear or change completely. So, Katherine stays around to make sure that he is okay.

One night Katherine went outside to investigate a strange sound. Looking up in the sky she saw a strange alien spacecraft hovering thirty or so feet above her head. The craft sent down a beam of glowing energy and she was pulled up and into the spinning disc.

The next morning, when Katherine awoke, she realized that she remembered nothing of what occurred after she was pulled inside the alien spacecraft. She sensed that something was wrong with her. Overnight she has undergone some sort of transformation. When she dressed for work, she found that her uniform no longer fit her. Instead she put on a dress that she had not worn since high school. Tabitha insisted that Katherine go to see Dr. Penny Poindexter. Although very baffled, the doctor who examined her and knew Katherine well, told her that she cannot possibly be a 25 year old woman. It was her opinion that Katherine’s body was more like that of a 15 year old girl. Though she did not tell the doctor, Katherine knew exactly what was happening… she was going backwards through time and she needed to find a way to stop it!

Katherine told Mike what was happening to her. She begged him to go to the portal and travel into the future to learn what has happened. She suspected that the aliens that abducted her are from the future world. She told Mike that the both of them needed to find out what was going on. Mike told her that time travel is too risky and that if he were to travel there again it could make his condition worse and possibly change the present even more than it has been altered. He tells her not worry and that she has probably only lost a little weight.

Knowing that Mike believes that his brother, Patrick, stole the dusty old lamp from him before Mike had a chance to make a third and final wish from the genie, Katherine decided to pay a visit to Patrick’s farm outside of town. She figured that if she can get the lamp from Patrick that she can use it as leverage to convince Mike to travel to the future. She knocked on the front door of the farmhouse and when there was no answer, she walked around to the back of the house.

Finding the backdoor locked, she began to rummage around in Patrick’s garbage can. Suddenly she heard a sound from inside the house…

…finding that the backdoor was now unlocked, she silently crept into the house and saw Patrick sitting in the front parlor reading a book…

…looking around in the back parlor, Katherine examined several objects in the room. Her focus then turned to a beautiful vase near the windows. Looking inside the vase, she discovered that Patrick had hidden the dusty old lamp inside of it. She took the vase and silently slipped out the backdoor.

While Katherine was enroute back to the Dutranoit Plantation, Patrick called the house asking to speak to Katherine. Luisa answered the phone and the voice of her uncle crept her out. She told him that she didn’t know where Katherine was and then hung-up quickly.

The next morning Katherine tried to make a deal with Mike. Admitting that she was a kleptomaniac, she informed him that she had stolen the dusty old lamp back from his brother. She told him that she had hidden the lamp somewhere and that she will give him back the lamp after he makes a trip to the future world. Mike told her that he must think about it some more; still considering it to be too dangerous.

That evening while waiting for Mike’s answer, Katherine played with little Mihai in the nursery…

…suddenly Katherine underwent another transformation backwards in time. She was a now a little girl. “How soon will it be before I am an infant again?!!?” she anxiously wondered.

Rushing downstairs, Katherine found Mike coming home from work. Frantically she explained to him once more what is happening to her. Again she pleaded with him to go to the portal and travel into the future. She echoed what she had told him five years before: “We may all be running out of time!” Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Mike finally gave in and agreed to make the dangerous journey…


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