S8P2: Episode III

Episode III: Into the Future Again – Pt. 1

Finally understanding the severity of Katherine’s situation, Mike went the next morning to the secure area behind the science lab.

Using the key that Katherine gave him five years earlier, Mike entered the secure area and activated the Time Portal. Entering the portal, Mike went into the future and was on his way to the year 2188.

Once in the future, Mike’s first stop was the home of Dominique LeFey, a descendant that he met on his first trip to the future. Mike rang the doorbell, but no one answered. Peering through the windows, Mike discovered that the house appeared to be completely empty. Thinking that Mr. LeFey must have moved elsewhere, Mike headed to the library to do a search for the elderly man to whom he sincerely hoped nothing bad had happened.

At the library Mike once more used a holo-web to search for his descendants. Astonishingly the search turned up a completely different set of names than he had found on his previous trip. There was no “Theresa McDaniel”, no “Hiram Valadez”, and most disturbing of all, no listing for “Dominique LeFey”. What he did find was a different set of three descendant families: a “Dutranoit family” descended from Luisa, a “LeFey family” descended from Mihail, and woman by the name of Shonna Esposito was descended from Michelle.

As before, the holo-web also told him where his descendants were located and also, as before, one of the families was currently located right inside the library, two floors below.

Hurrying downstairs Mike introduced himself to a woman named Jocelyn LeFey.

As it turned out Mike and Jocelyn were not related, but Jocelyn quickly sorted out the confusion by calling over her friend, Brie LeFey. Brie explained to Mike that she and her daughter, Miranda, were descendants of Mike’s son, Mihail. Brie was very proud of her ancestry and exclaimed that she was descended from a long line of witches. She apologized that she was in a hurry and needed to leave, but insisted that she and Mike get together later to discuss family history.

Mike decided to next pay a visit to Michelle’s descendant, Shonna Esposito. Ms. Esposito’s home was located on Basin Road overhanging the basin. According to what he read, she was very well off and her bio described her as a Charismatic, Hopeless Romantic – two traits that they shared in common.

Mike met Ms. Esposito at her home and pair hit it off immediately. Shonna was thrilled that she was meeting the man whom she called her famous ancestor. “We have so much in common!” She told him.

Shonna asked Mike to stay at her home as long as he wished and they spent the evening playing games and chatting about family history.

For the second time in his life Mike slept in a dream-pod. Fortunately this time he did not have a bad dream.

The next morning, Mike learned how to use a Sonic Shower…

After breakfast, Shonna & Mike talked…Without going into too much detail, Mike told Shonna the story of Katherine and her dilemma. He explained that the main purpose of his visit was to find out if there was something here in the future that might help reverse Katherine’s situation.

After listening quietly to Mike’s story, Shonna responded by saying: “I don’t know much about time travel, but as to what might help the poor girl, perhaps I could suggest a Plumbot“.

Noticing the puzzled look on Mike’s face, Shonna explained that she owned the city’s Bot Emporium and was suggesting that a good dose of advanced technology might help Katherine.

Mike said that he was willing to try anything and they immediately went out to Shonna’s Bot Emporium so that Mike could shop for a Plumbot.

After looking at a number of different Plumbot models, Mike settled on purchasing the most inexpensive Plumbot that there was in the emporium. The model was named “Piece Parts”. After making his purchase, Shonna assured Mike that he would not be dissatisfied and also cautioned him to be sure that he kept his receipt, which she personally signed, otherwise he would not be allowed to take the Plumbot back with him through the Time Portal.

After the Bot Emporium, Shonna took Mike to the EP-XI Imports Gallery where he purchased some other advanced technology items.

While at the EP-XI Imports Gallery, Mike & Shonna ran into Brie LeFey. Shonna insisted that Brie come to dinner at her house so that they might have, as Shonna called it, a family reunion.

That evening the trio ate dinner at Shonna’s house and afterwards they had a lengthy discussion on their family history and the paradox of time travel.


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