S8P2: Episode IV

Episode IV: Into the Future Again – Pt. 2

After dinner, Brie LeFey had to go home. As she was saying goodbye outside, Brie made a few suggestions to Mike regarding the mysterious Dominique LeFey. She suggested that Mike visit City Hall and, sad to say, also the Cemetery. She added that City Hall was opened 23.75-hours a day.

Mike was not the least bit sleepy so he decided to visit city hall after saying goodnight to Brie. At city hall, he spent a number of hours looking at the records, yet could not find even slightest clue that a man named Dominique LeFey ever existed. As he was about to leave Mike decided to do another sort of inquiry. Just for fun he looked up in the historical records the winning lottery numbers of 1988 & 1989.

By the time he was finished it was very late. Deciding not to bother Shonna at this early hour of the morning, Mike went back to the community center to sleep and his Plumbot, Piece Parts, went onto a Nexus-9 Non-Organic Charging Station.

Around noon, Mike went back to Shonna’s house. Shonna was acting very strange when she answered the door. After they talked for a few minutes, it became apparent to Mike that Ms. Esposito did not know who he was. “You’re not my ancestor,” she told him. “I have never even heard of Mike Dutranoit,” she said with an apologetic tone.

It took all of the charisma that Mike had to convince Shonna that they had met less than two days ago. It was only when he showed to her the receipt for the Plumbot that she had personally signed the day before, that she finally agreed to invite him to have lunch and talk.

Mike had to start all over from the begining and repeat to Shonna the story of Katherine that he had told her the day before. When he finished, Shonna responded: “… but we future people are not allowed to time travel!”

Shonna said. “I know of the Time Portal, but it is in a restricted area controlled by the keeper of the Time Portal. He is like a wizard of some sort who controls the city. People of the past are allowed to come and go as they please, but for Future people it is forbidden.”

“Then how was that Katherine was able to travel to the past?” Mike asked. For this question, Shonna did not have an answer.


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