S8P2: Episode V

Episode V: Into the Future Again – Pt. 3

After she had a few moments to ponder over Mike’s second telling of Katherine’s story, Shonna told him that it did seem curious to her that Katherine was abducted by space aliens before her backwards time dilemma began. She told Mike that she knew of a place out in the wasteland where a supposed alien spacecraft had crashed a long time ago. Mike asked Shonna if she could take him there and she said that she would be very happy to escort him to the site.

Late in the day the pair arrived at the crash site in the wasteland outside of town.

It was starting to rain when they got there and upon close inspection of the crashed space craft they found it to be inaccessible. Having seen all that could be seen they left the site.

On the way back to Shonna’s house, Mike asked that they stop at the cemetery so he could see it also.

There was really not much to see, so they spent a few a minutes in the cemetery talking. Mike was starting to develop a theory about time travel into the future and he took this time to share his thoughts with Shonna.

“It appears that the future is volatile and constantly changing,” he postulated, “and it must be that the present is constantly spawning multiple time-lines that extend into the future, but only a few time-lines survive and some of the remaining time-lines merge to form stronger time-lines that do survive and continue on. It seems that the least little thing done in the present can alter some or all of the possible futures.”

When Mike realized what he had just said he totally freaked-out: “Oh my Builder!” he exclaimed, “The Lotto Numbers! Last night I changed the future when I learned the winning numbers to the lottery!” Excitedly Mike told Shonna that they must return to her house now.

Back at the house, Mike warned Shonna that she was in extreme danger and that her only chance for survival was to return with him to the present time. Shonna repeated what she had said earlier about time travel being forbidden for future people, but as soon those words came out of her mouth her eyes lit up and she exclaimed: “I have got an idea! Wait here and I will be right back.”

Mike waited outside in the rain for Shonna and after a few minutes she returned comically dressed as a Plumbot.

With a hint of laughter, she told Mike: “Mister, you just bought yourself another Plumbot,” and she handed him a second receipt.

Mike needed no explanation as to what Shonna’s brilliant idea was. Wasting no time the pair rushed to the community center and up to the rooftop where the Time Portal was situated. Anyone who was watching at that moment in time, saw Mike and his two Plumbots jump into the portal destined for the past.

Within a blink of an eye, Mike and Shonna were back in Twin Bayous in the year 1988. Shonna brought into the household her wealth from the future. The family now has $276,000 in the household fund.


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