S8P2: Episode VI

Episode VI: If the Truth be Told…

As soon as Mike, Shonna, and the Plumbot, Piece Parts, arrived home, Mike ran upstairs to talk to Ronnie. He told her that what he had to say to may come as shock to her, but that he needed to get it off of his chest.

Mike told Ronnie the full story of Katherine – of how Katherine came from the future claiming to be a descendant of Ronnie and of Ernest Gilliland and that as a result of Mike causing the break-up of she and Ernest, Katherine was now stuck in the present. He told her everything… well, almost everything…

Ronnie asked for only a few minor clarifications to Mike’s story and then Ronnie reacted by grabbing Mike and kissing him passionately.

“This proves we were meant to be together!” Ronnie said gleefully.

Her reaction was not what he expected… Although he did leave out the part about him being the father of Raquel’s child, Mihai, and his trip into the past where he met a Roaring Twenties version of Raquel.

After Mike went to work, Ronnie went to meet Shonna and listened as the woman, disguised as a Plumbot, wove a wild tale of her life as a Plumbot.

When Shonna finished with her silly charade, Ronnie confronted Shonna telling her that she knew everything. At first, Shonna attempted to continue the farce.

However with some reluctance she finally took off the costume and revealed her true form to Ronnie.

Afterwards Shonna spent some quiet time away from the others conversing with her sprite that she kept in a holo-disc. This gave her an idea of she might be able to help Katherine with her problem.

Later that afternoon, after swimming in the pool with Katherine, Shonna attempted to have a conversation with the little girl about her backwards time dilemma. Yet Katherine did not want to hear what the woman was telling her. “I don’t know what you are talking about!” she screamed, “Leave me alone!”

Following Katherine into the living room, Shonna showed the little girl her sprite and asked her if she wanted to play with it. Katherine responded by rudely yawning at the woman.

Shonna set the sprite on Katherine’s shoulder: “There, how does that feel?” she asked the girl. A little smile appeared on Katherine face, “It feels wonderful. Can I keep it?”


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