S8P2: Episode VII

Episode VII: Some Secrets Are Best Left Kept

The following morning, Tabitha and Mike got into a heated argument. Tabitha accused Mike of keeping a secret regarding the disappearance of her sister, Raquel. “I think that I know what is going on,” she told him, “and someday I am going to get to the truth of the matter. Until that time I am going to be on you like white on rice.”

Mike denied knowing anything about Raquel’s disappearance and once again he denied being Mihail’s father.

In a fit of anger, Tabitha used her magic hands to cast a spell on Mike.

Mike didn’t know what had hit him, but it freaked him out.

Mike began having another one of his unstable episodes.

Then Mike followed Tabitha outside to the veranda and continued arguing with her.

What they did not realize was that Shonna was sitting only a few feet away listening to every word that they said…

Today was Mihai’s 5th birthday. So, Mike went out to make groceries and buy a cake for the celebration. On his way into the grocery he passed Lisa Oldham who was standing on the corner. He said hello to her, but she did not respond. She just stared at him with a blank expression on her face.

That night the family celebrated Mihai’s birthday.

Katherine was the first to congratulate Mihai.

She showed Mihai her sprite and said that she wished that she had another one that she could give him as a present.

As part of the celebration Mike presented gifts to everyone.

Mike gave a Ronnie a wondrous musical instrument from the future. It was called a Laser Rhythm-a-con.

Mike gave a holo-web to each of the children.

Before going to bed, Mike went into the library to feed his bird, Coo-coo, and he passed by Katherine on his way into the room.

Mike then remembered that there was something very important that he wanted to ask Katherine.

Mike found Katherine sitting in the living room and he asked her how she was feeling. Katherine said that she was feeling okay. Mike then said… “Now about the dusty old lamp, when are you going to tell me where you have hidden it?” Katherine insisted that she did not know what Mike was talking about. “Why is everyone asking me these crazy questions?!!?” she wailed, nearly in tears. Mike could see that he had clearly upset the little girl and decided not to press her on the matter.

But before he left the room Mike asked once more if Katherine was okay now. Katherine responded cryptically: “I am now that mommy and daddy are together again.”

Two floors above, in the sauna, Shonna sat quietly contemplating her new future.


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