S8P2: Episode X

Episode X: Tabitha’s Day Off -pt 2

The next morning Tabitha was totally freaking out. “I have got to get out of this madhouse!” she screamed.

She called into work and informed her boss that she was taking off for a couple days. Her boss, Dr. Penny, told Tabitha to take off as much time as she needed. Adding that Tabitha deserved it.

Tabitha’s first stop was the Day Spa were she ordered the $7000 Relaxing Rendezvous full-body treatment. The woman at the counter said “Oh no Tabitha, you’re not paying full price. That will be only $3000 for you.”

The next stop for Tabitha was the Salon & Tattoo Parlor…

…where Tabitha asked the stylist for a make-over.

The stylist must have misread what Tabitha was going for, because the look that she came up with involved a tight fitting blouse and a pair of holey jeans. Tabitha was not at all happy with the look that the stylist had chosen.

“No!” Tabitha protested, “I want something different. I want a look that will make people turn their heads!” The look that she settled on involved a blonde wig, a mod looking mini-dress and a pair of thigh-high boots. “Yeah, baby!” the Tattoo artist shouted as Tabitha walked out the door.

Next Tabitha went to the S-Mart to shop for some new clothes.

Tabitha’s final stop for the day was the Bridgeview Resort Hotel and Casino located on the other side of the river.

When Tabitha first arrived at the hotel there was no one behind the front desk to check her in. “This place is nice, but it doesn’t seem to be managed very well,” she thought to herself.

Finally after waiting 30 minutes someone showed up to get her checked in.

Tabitha was tired, but after going up to her room she decided to change into one of her new outfits and go down and have a drink in the bar. She thought the bartender was a little a rude to her when she ask her if she was waiting for someone.

She stayed up until 2 AM gambling in the casino and was having a really good time until she realized that the guy that she had been flirting with all evening was an employee of the resort.


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