S8P2: Episode XII

Episode XII: Summer Daze

It was late summer and the kids were out of school.

Michelle spent much of her summer vacation learning how to paint.

While Luisa was determined to teach Coo-coo how to talk.

Katherine and Mihail learned that they had a common trait – both of them were Anglers and they loved to go off together and fish. One day Katherine challenged Mihai to a race over to the Market Basket on the other side of town.

But it was not much of a fair race. Katherine was on her bicycle and lagging far behind…

…as Mihai tore out ahead, zooming along above the street on a magical broomstick.

When they got to the Market Basket, Katherine stopped to look at a strange vehicle floating in the parking lot. It looked oddly familiar to her, but she could not quite place where she had seen one like it before.

At the Market Basket they bought bait for their fishing trip. Mihai bought four apples and four links. Katherine bought four apples and four cheese.

Then they headed over to Guppy Gills Park on the other side of South Bayou.

Katherine caught a lot of fish, including a big trout.

Mihai also caught a number fish, including a good size Red Herring.


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