S8P2: Episode XIII

Episode XIII: What I Really, Really Want

Tabitha really, really wanted to buy the Bridgeview Resort, but it cost $337,000 and she did not have that kind of money. Of course, she mused, if she could find the dusty old lamp that might solve her problem.

She knew that there was a large sum of money in the household fund, but the fund was controlled by Mike, Ronnie, and Shonna. Tabitha got into an fight with Ronnie and Mike over the money. She was arguing that it was not fair to her to not have any access to household fund – she was an adult and had lived in the household for over a decade. The others did not seem to understand what the problem was.

It was a Thursday afternoon and although Mike was off from work he went over to the university quad to try and drum up business by offering private readings to people who were hanging out there. His first subject was Brenda Oldham, Lisa’s younger sister. She agreed to let Mike do a private reading for her, but she was not all happy with the results.

His next subject was Donna Clemens and she was thrilled with the results. Perhaps even a little turned-on.

After he did a few more readings at the quad, Mike was getting hungry so he decided to drive over to the Western Beach area and visited a restaurant there just as the dinner crowd was arriving. Outside the restaurant he approached a complete stranger and ask her if she would like a private reading. Jeri Skelton turned him down and told him to go away.

He thought that the patio at the restaurant would be good place to find potential clients.

Sitting at a table on the patio, Mike saw Amanda and Valencia having dinner. They asked him to join them. After dinner, the three of them sat and talked until Valencia said that she needed to leave.

Mike and Amanda sat and talked about old times until the restaurant closed. Before the two parted, Amanda made a rather depressing comment to Mike: “If only things had worked out differently between us…”


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