S8P2: Episode XV

Episode XV: Taking Ownership

As soon as Tabitha took ownership of the resort she started making improvements. First on list was to improve the quality of the food.

She fired the desk clerk and hired a new person. Plus she raised the prices slightly and hired a maintenance staff of quality personnel.

Then she re-opened the casino which had been closed for a few days. On her first day as new owner/manager of the resort she made a profit of over $2,000.

To relax Tabitha enjoyed playing poker in the casino.

In another part of town, Ronnie played a solo gig at Eugi’s, a local watering hole.

The crowd was small and she only made $90, but she had fun.

Ronnie thought it was interesting that the same bunch of people who used to hang-out every day in front of the bookstore back in the day, such as Sasha Delgado and Carol Oldham, were now regulars at Eugi’s.


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