S8P2: Episode XVI

Episode XVI: A History of the Future

Not too long after Tabitha purchased the resort with most of the household funds, Shonna checked the accounts and found that the wealth that she had brought from the future was gone. There was less than $50K in the household fund. Furious, she confronted Mike demanding to know what had happened to all of the money. Mike swore to her that he did not know what she was talking about and that he would look into it.

Shonna did not believe him and accused him of lying. Then Shonna threatened that if Mike did not get back the money, that she would go to Ronnie and reveal everything. “I know your dirty little secret,” she told him. She was threatening to go to Ronnie and reveal the truth about Raquel and how he was Mihail’s father. Mike called her bluff telling Shonna that she had no proof whatsoever.

Later in the day Shonna asked Mike if she could speak with him privately in the library.

Going into the library, Shonna pulled two books from the shelves and handed one book to Mike. Both books looked the same and both bore the title The History of Twin Bayous. She asked Mike to read the publication date of the book that he held – it read “1965”. She then showed him the publication date of the book that she was holding – it read “2005”… Fifteen years in the future. She then showed him a passage in the book where Mike’s infidelity was revealed.

Mike was astounded! “There is more than just dirty little secrets revealed in this book,” Shonna taunted him, “A person who knows exactly what will happen in the next 15 years stands make a fortune from this knowledge and this is why I need that money back.” Not wanting his secret revealed, Mike promised Shonna that he would get her money back.

After Shonna left the room, Tabitha came into the library. She told Mike that she had been listening at the door and that she had heard everything. She then told Mike what she had done with the money including the details of going into business with the Goombah family.

Mike was furious and shouted at Tabitha that she had created this mess and that she needed to clean it up.

Tabitha was not going take any crap from of Mike and she retorted: “No sir! You created this mess and you are the one that needs to clean it up!”


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