S8P2: Episode XVIII

Episode XVIII: Calling Doctor Chad, Doctor Chad…

One night while working at the resort Tabitha noticed that one of the guests had spent the entire evening in the bar drinking and at midnight he was now sampling the buffet.

She recognized the guest as Doctor Chadrick Gentile from the hospital where she worked days. She went up to him and asked him if he was enjoying his stay at the resort.

She knew that Dr. Chad was currently engaged to be married to Dorothy Clemens.
“So he is marrying her?” Tabitha thought. “Weren’t he and Lisa Oldham… Oh, never mind, why should I care about any of that?”

Dr. Chad, who appeared to be a little tipsy, told Tabitha that he was enjoying his stay at the resort very much, but did have one complaint and that was that he had been waiting all evening to for his luxury suite to be ready. Tabitha told Chadrick that she would take care it right away, but in the meantime she suggested that he go upstairs and stay in her luxury suite until his room was ready.

While Dr. Chad went up to her luxury suite to wait, Tabitha did a little diva number to express how pleased she was for the way in which she handled the situation.

Tabitha fixed the problem and then went up to her suite to let Dr. Chad know that his suite was ready. Going in to the bedroom, Tabitha did not expect to find Dr. Chad sleeping in her bed. She changed into her PJs. Then quietly laid down on the bed beside him and waited for him to wake up.

The next day Tabitha could not stop thinking about Dr. Chad…


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