S8P2: Episode XX

Episode XX: Think to Stop

Mike could not stopping thinking about the veiled threats that Anthony had made to him a few days before. So on his way to work he stopped at the S-Mart…

…where he bought himself a gun for protection.

That night Tabitha got a call from Dr. Chad…

…he asked her to meet him in front of the stadium. However she was a little put off that all he wanted to do was discuss business at the hospital where they both worked.

So Tabitha thought she would try a little magick on Dr. Chad and she cast a good luck charm on him.

Whereupon Dr. Chad suddenly loosened up a bit and asked Tabitha if she would like to go with him to the Sunrise Sports Bar and play games.

Tabitha said “Yessss!” and off they went.

Later that night the pair were seen dancing closely at the Sunrise Sports Bar.


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