S8P2: Episode XXI

Episode XXI: The Spookiest Day of the Year – pt. 1

Spooky Day was just around the corner…

The kids were excited about Spooky Day and they were trying to come up with ideas on what costumes they would wear for the special day.

Michelle wanted to wear a pink dinosaur costume. She thought that it made her look imposing in a feminine sort of way.

Katherine thought up an astronaut costume. She felt a little uncomfortable when she tried it on and yet she didn’t know why it made her feel so uneasy.

Mihai knew that he wanted to be a grey knight – whatever that was.

And Luisa dressed as a princess all in blue velvet. She felt very regal in her costume.

Meanwhile in another part of town sat Ernest Gilliland in the town dump. He was planning a totally awesome Spooky Day party and he was trying to come up with the right costume for his big bash.

He searched through the piles of rubbish in the main yard and was not finding anything of value.

Then he went out and looked in the bins of recent arrivals…

…where he found this totally sweet plumbot costume that someone had recently thrown out.


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