S8P2: Episode XXII

Episode XXII: The Spookiest Day of the Year – pt. 2

Ernest was scouting out a location where could throw his big awesome Spooky Day bash. He went to the Student Union Building at the university, but no matter how charming he thought that he was, he could not convince the student council to let him stage his party there.

Meanwhile back at the planation, Shonna confronted Mike once more about her money from the household. This time she laid down an ultimatum, demanding that she wanted her money by the end of the day.

Ever since Katherine’s backward-in-time transformation to a little girl she had completely forgotten about her role as a caretaker for Mike and his instability trait. As far as she was concerned she was just a normal little girl living with her sisters and brother.

Without the “adult” Katherine around to keep an eye on him, Mike had now forgotten how to deal with his frequent “out of sorts” moodlet that led to instability. As a result, he had undergone trait changes – one time losing his a supernatural fan trait for the dramatic trait and most recently losing the dramatic trait for the evil trait. After Shonna left the room suddenly it became clear to him and he knew exactly how to solve the problem with Shonna.

Later that evening while everyone was out of the house trick-or-treating, Mike waited in the shadows of the front portico for Shonna to return to the house. In his right hand he held the gun that he had recently purchased for protection after being threatened by Anthony Goombah.

While Mike was waiting outside on the portico, Ernest had arrived acting upon what he thought was a great idea. He would ask his ex-girlfriend Ronnie if she would be willing to let him throw his Spooky Day party at the plantation. Yet, he paid a visit to the plantation at the most inappropriate time imaginable.


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