S8P2: Episode XXIII

Episode XXIII: The Spookiest Day of the Year – pt. 3

As he approached the house, Ernest had an even crazier idea of how he might better sell his idea to Ronnie of throwing a party at the Plantation. Thinking that it would be fun to show up at the door in costume, he went back to his car and changed into the awesome Plumbot costume that he had found at the junkyard the other day.

As Ernest approached the door, Mike assumed that the person dressed as a plumbot was Shonna arriving back from her trip to the grocery store. He raised his gun and fired a fatal shot at the costumed figure standing at the door.

Everyone arrived home at nearly the same time to find poor Ernest Gilliland lying dead on their front door step.

Mike, who had jumped over the portico railing after he realized what he had done, now came rushing up the steps and breathlessly relayed to Ronnie how he had seen the plumbot “Piece Parts” attack Ernest – speculating that the plumbot had considered Ernest a threat due to the costume he was wearing. Mike told Ronnie that they best not call the authorities and he assured her that he would take care of everything.

Mike removed Ernest’s now lifeless body and, taking it behind the barn, he buried the corpse of his former roommate in a shallow grave.

Naturally everyone in the household was very upset by what had happened, but no one more so than Shonna. The sort of violence that she has just witnessed did not exist in her time. She suddenly felt very frightened when she realized that Mike must have killed Ernest Gilliland thinking that he was her.

So in the wee hours of the morning Shonna slipped silently out of the house and made her way to the secure area behind the science lab. Standing before the time portal, she activated it and summoned the Keeper of the Time Portal. When the “keeper” arrived, she informed him: “My mission is in jeopardy. I must be allowed to return now.”

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