S8P2: Episode XXIV

Episode XXIV: First the Bad News…

The humans in the household were not the only ones to be traumatized by the death of Ernest Gilliland. The plumbot Piece Parts was very much affected by the incident. The machine was even more so anguished at the thought that it may have been the one that killed the man. So it tried to destroy itself by attempting to download in a single session every song ever recorded.

Early the next morning, Ronnie found the plumbot out in the garden standing behind the scarecrow attempting to readjust itself.

Ronnie asked the machine for explanation of what happened the night before…

Piece Parts confessed to Ronnie that it may have actually killed the human named Ernest and asked that she perform the necessary steps to decommission its functions.

Ronnie was not convinced that Piece Parts was actually the one who had killed Ernest Gilliland. So she asked the machine why he kept saying that he may have killed the man.

Piece Parts finally broke down and admitted to Ronnie that he was lying to her because someone (whom he could not state) had programmed him to make false statements. Ronnie was shocked by what she heard. She wanted to believe that it was Shonna that had done this, but at the same time she feared that Mike had lied to her about the circumstances of Ernest’s death.


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