S8P2: Episode XXVI

Episode XXVI: The Past Catches Up

Amanda Anderson asked to meet with Mike at Eugi’s bar near her penthouse. She told Mike that her sister, Emily, and Ernest were married only a few days before he disappeared. Amanda wanted very much to know what happened to him. She thought that maybe he had run off with another woman and she wanted to find him before her sister did. Amanda did not want her sister to get hurt.

Amanda asked Mike to use his psychic powers to investigate the disappearance of Ernest Gilliland. Mike assured Amanda that he would do his best to find out what happened to Emily’s boyfriend. (Even though Mike most certainly already knew what became of Ernest Gilliland! Plus his so-called psychic powers were somewhat suspect according to others.)

Rather than tell Ronnie that he has been asked by Amanda to investigate the disappearance of Ernest, he planned instead to tell his wife that he was going to devote time to investigating the appearance of Raquel LeFey. Thus making it unnecessary to mention to Ronnie that he had seen Amanda.

Later that night while everyone else was sleeping, Mihail was visited by the ghost of Henri Dutranoit. The ghost told Mihail that he had some very important things to tell him. He told Mihail that as a young boy he may not understand everything that he was about to reveal to him.

The ghost was correct… Mihail did not understand anything the ghost told him, as the haunted specter just kept repeating loose, disconnected phrases over and over again until it disappeared… “Your mummy belongs in the past with me“… “Seeds sown in same field are not inevitably from the same tree“… “As the future changes, so does the past“…

The boy went back to sleep, thinking that he had just had a very curious dream.



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